Ready Mixed Concrete vs Site Mixed Concrete – What should a builder’s ideal choice be?

The Concrete Synopsis

You may be a builder or a construction project manager who is a novice in the construction sphere. Before you plunge into the journey of creating beautiful landscapes and structures, you want to soak in as much practical and beneficial information as you can! Or probably, you are an experienced builder and are not satisfied with the concrete material and are on a hunt to get your hands on the best concrete material in the market. You have landed on the right page regardless of your background and profile. Please continue reading as this guide will solve all your queries.

If you belong to the construction industry, it would be a known fact to you that how concrete is an indispensable element in building anything. Regardless of what you are constructing, it would not be possible to complete the project without concrete. A quality concrete must be versatile, heat and water-resistant and must add strength and durability with finesse to any project. Concrete is not an independent material but is formed through a fine and quality mixture of cement, sand, crushed stone, water and other aggregates. It is essential to have all the materials tested to get your desired concrete quality to withstand all your requirements with ease.

Concrete Categories

In the construction industry, two main types of concrete are widely used: Site-mixed concrete and ready-mixed concrete. With both having their specifications and qualities, let us discuss them further below.
  1. Ready Mixed Concrete: Popularly known as the pre-mixed concrete, ready mix concrete is the latest innovation to bring much relief to all the builders out there due to its quality properties. As the name suggests, ready-mixed concrete is prepared in a controlled environment by robust and well-functioning machinery using premium quality variables and aggregates at a manufacturing plant under the supervision of efficient managers. Thanks to technological advancements, this concrete is premade, which saves and cuts down on the time and other labour costs at the site. 
  2. Site Mixed Concrete: On the other hand, site mixed concrete is equally competent and quality concrete material with the drawback of being prepared on the site. If you opt for site mixed concrete, you will have to make time and room for its preparation on the project site before commencing your task. Due to this reason, a ready mix concrete gains an edge over site mixed concrete. 
Based on your construction project, timeline, and budget, it is crucial for you to select the ideal concrete category.

Comparing The Two Concrete Groups

By now, you must have had a fair judgement of which concrete type is most favoured by all. Yet, to expose you to a better understanding of the concrete varieties, let us dig deeper by knowing the pros of ready mix concrete and the cons of site mixed concrete.    
  1. Equipment: As ready mix concrete is prepared at a manufacturing facility and is delivered in a ready-to-use form to the construction site, there is no requirement for you to keep any equipment for its formulation on-site. Unlike this, for site mixed concrete, you will have to save room for heavy and bulky machines to be brought to the site location to help make the concrete batch. 
  2. Storage Space: Not just equipment but ready mix concrete will leave you a clean site as you will not spot water pipes or cement and sandbags all over the place as ready-mixed is prepared off-site. The opposite is the scenario with site mixed concrete that needs the raw materials at the location. 
  3. Minimal Labour Costs: Since ready mixed concrete is prepared by machines, it uses only the required portion of raw material per the batch size, reducing the cost and wastage of raw materials. Also, it must be noted that you do not need professionals for ready mixed concrete, which saves your labour costs. A site mixed concrete is hand-mixed by professionals, thus, leading to loss of wages and materials. 
  4. Timely Distribution: Ready-mixed concrete is prepared in advance and can be delivered in concrete vehicles at multiple locations, allowing you to start your project on time. Site mixed concrete is mixed on-site and thus, requires time to settle. Also, it cannot be delivered to multiple locations in one go. 
  5. Quality: Ready mixed concrete is automated and is consistent in quality. Site mixed concrete may be inconsistent in quality due to overuse of materials and requires constant supervision while preparing. 
  There is no doubt now that ready mix concrete must be ideal as it is the epitome of concrete materials, superseding all the other materials. If you consider purchasing a premium quality ready mix concrete supplier, no one is more reliable and excelling than Mixcrete.

Mixcrete: Your Quality Ready Mix Concrete Supplier

What started 25 years ago has expanded its operation throughout South East England; we at Mixcrete are proud of being the chief and quality BSI accredited suppliers of ready mix concrete at affordable prices. 

With a state-of-art facility producing over 300+ m3 concrete daily, whatever is your requirement, we can meet it! We have two batching facilities at Westerham and Dartford and professionals who are on their toes 24/7. Thus, we will refuse to deliver your concrete at any hour of the day or night. 

In order to maintain an honest customer relationship, we ensure that our volumetric mixers use only the raw materials required for your customised concrete, and you pay only for the concrete quantity you use. Furthermore, we provide a concrete calculator to know the price you pay per cubic meter. 

Our ready mix specialists at Mixcrete are just a two-hours prior reservation away for a same-day or next-day delivery in our special vehicles and concrete pumps? What are you waiting for? Construct your sturdy space with Mixcrete’s quality concrete! Call us now for a free no-obligation quote.

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